Missions Frontier is a Christian development organization providing administration and resources that encourage local initiative in business and education in Guatemala

We seek to equip the local Christian church and support them in their ongoing ministry efforts and encourage them as they grow in their relationships with Christ. Through education, business development and short–term mission teams, we are able to assist the people of Chichicastenango and local church.

Guatemala is extremely poor by Western standards. In 1996 a 30 year civil war ended.  Chichicastenango is located 3 hours from Guatemala City in the Mountain Highlands.  In the Western Hemisphere, this region is second in poverty only to Haiti.  Chichicastenango is considered the heart of the Mayan World.  Black Magic and animal sacrifice is an everyday part of  Mayan worship. There remains a great deal of animosity and oppression of the Christians by the traditional Mayan Culture.  The Mayan culture is plagued by the idea of "limited good" (the idea there is only so much good in the world, so if my neighbor receives something it takes away the potential to receive good from someone else.) This concept of Limited Good leads to jealousy, distrust, and dishonesty. There are several strong local Christian churches that this ministry supports in bringing the good news of the gospel to the people of Chichicastenango.   God has given


We provide assistance to the people of Chichi by enhancing our relationships with the local Christian church and supporting them in their on-going efforts.
As Missions Frontier expands in the area of Kingdom business, it will be intentional in hiring men and women from the local Christian body and providing them with Economic opportunities and opportunities to grow in their relationships with Christ and contribute to their local Christian body of believers.

Historically Women in Guatemala have been among the most mistreated in Guatemala, often sexually and physically abused, given few rights, and left as the sole providers for their children and families.  Missions Frontier is intentional to create specific job and financial opportunities for women and providing a work environment that will help them grow in their relationships with Christ and build their significance as a child of God. 

We provide for the poor through our local Christian churches, and through the revenue generated by the hotel and short-term mission trips.  We provide medical care through volunteers and short term trips, newly built houses for women and families most in need, education and job opportunities.




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