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Why Not Just Stay Home and Send The Money?


Mission Trips provide an opportunity to take a step of obedience in faith and use our God given gifts to serve the Guatemalan people, to aid the local Christian Church and to see Christ at work in and through another culture. Short-term trips provide an incredible, life-changing experience for everyone involved


What We Try To Remember:


It’s about God, not about us. It’s about the relationships, not the projects.  Short-term trips provide an opportunity for individuals to step outside of their comfort zones and grow in their faith as they experience God through a different culture. God’s work in Chichicastenango began long before us and will continue long after us.  He does not need us. His purposes will be accomplished with or without us.  Short-term Trips provide an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing. We are blessed however, when we let God work in and through us via a mission project.


What You Should Consider During Your Trip:


What is God teaching you about Himself through the people of Guatemala?


How is your relationship with God being impacted by what you are experiencing?


How can you use this experience to deepen your relationship with God?


What is God saying to you?


What We Do:

We seek to equip the local Christian church and support them in their ongoing ministry efforts. Short–term mission team projects assist the local people in education, home construction, medical clinics, reforestation and other community projects.   Missions Frontier continues to partner with short-term teams and local pastors and their church families to work on projects that offer the opportunity for relationship and discipleship. Many families have been blessed through the wooden houses, especially widows and single mothers. Communities have had the chance to receive medical and dental assistance.

How Do We Choose Projects?


We are always getting involved in new projects that can strengthen the local church. In determining what projects we get involved, the following questions serve as our criteria.


Does a project create dependency that stifles local initiative?


Can a project be sustained and duplicated without the ongoing financial  support of foreigners?


Does a project assist or compete with other ministries?


Are we duplicating efforts where there is not a need?


Does a project strengthen the on-going ministries of the local Chichi  Christian church?


While we make every attempt to pair teams with projects that fit the member's individual gifts, we will not get involved in projects that undermine the long-term goals and initiatives of the local people. We desire to support the local church in ways that will produce long-term solutions and are sustainable without on-going dependency on American funds


What does a Mission Trip Cost?


Consult with Maritza, our team coordinator to determine your budget. Your budget will help determine the project


How Are Project Funds Used?


The breakdown of the project funds - 100% of the funds go toward project material costs.


Can we arrange our own projects and transportation?


Yes, while we are happy to arrange your projects and transportation, you may certainly arrange those details on your own.  We cannot however guarantee the rates, quality, or the reliability of those arrangements.


How to determine your trip budget ...


We encourage those in charge of planning short term mission trips to start with a generous project/materials fund amount and build the budget from there.




Can I visit and Orphanage while in Guatemala?


The quick answer - No.  While Missions Frontier works with and supports several children’s homes, we don’t encourage team visitation.  For the long term health and stability of the children who live at the homes, we try and keep team involvement to a minimum. If you are interested in working with children, there are a number of other opportunities where you can help.   If you have more questions, please email us.


Guatemala is not short on an inexpensive labor force. Guatemala is short however on money to buy materials.  The projects that teams help with are real projects that cost real money.  The materials provided by the teams are a great help to the people and the projects give team members the opportunity to form relationships with the Guatemalan people as they work together toward a common goal.





Guatemala is called the land of Eternal Spring. While Guatemala  is in Central America and relatively close to the equator, Chichicastenango sits at an altitude of approximately 7000 ft making the weather year around seem like Summers in Colorado.  The mornings and evenings can be cool (45F) and the afternoons - warm - generally around 75F.  We have two seasons- wet and dry.  November - April are dry and sunny.  May - October are considered the rainy season - which means it is sunny and beautiful until around 4 pm everyday at which point we receive a torrential thunderstorm.



We are often asked if Guatemala is safe.  Since moving to Guatemala in 2003, we, nor any group we have hosted, has ever experienced any problems regarding safety.  We take every precaution to ensure your safety, exercise basic common sense, avoid areas that have a reputation for being potentially dangerous, and remember God is in control.  Guatemala is a country with an unstable government which means - well - safety is not that of the USA.



Our rule of thumb - Don't bring anything that you wouldn't be willing to readily give away should you be robbed. Its not worth tempting someone or putting yourself in danger. Use common sense.

NOTE: We've never had any member of a group be robbed.


LANGUAGE  - The official language of Guatemala is Spanish as well as indigenous Mayan languages.


RELIGION - A combination of Catholic and Mayan religions, Roman Catholic and protestant.



Hotel Casa Del Rey ( ) is owned by Missions Frontier.  The profits made from the hotel support ministries in the area.  It is a perfect location for you or your group to stay.  The hotel has a full service restaurant, pool, suites and conference rooms.



YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS...the Chichicastenango Market.  It is the largest Indigenous artist market in all of Central America.  It is held every week on Thursday's and Sundays.





A 45 minute drive from Chichicastenango, it has been called the most beautiful lake in the world.  It is surrounded by volcanoes.  Take a boat across the lake and travel to villages known for their pottery and artistry. Swim in the lake, enjoy the natural hot springs, visit a nature preserve...



Located approximately 45 minutes from Guatemala City.   Once the original capital of Guatemala, it a town with a much more European feel.  It is known for its Ancient Spanish ruins, Spanish colonial architecture, coffee plantations, fabulous shopping, dining, and hotels.



For help with your travel arrangements or any specific questions or concerns you have about your trip.

Email us




You must have a US Passport to travel to Guatemala.  We suggest you make several copies of your passport and place in different locations.  Should you lose your passport, this will make it much less of a thorn to return to the states.


LUGGAGE WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS - Check with your airline. Most airlines restrict luggage capacity to 40- 50 lbs. per bag.  Some airlines allow 2 bags free of charge, others only one.



GETTING HERE - Getting to Guatemala is fairly simple.  Make your flight reservation to Guatemala City  (GUA).  We can arrange your transportation from the Airport to Chichicastenango. Traveling to Guatemala City is approximately a 2.5 hour direct flight from Miami, Houston or Dallas. If your luggage should not make your flight it sometimes takes several days for you to receive your luggage in Chichi. You may want to carry some overnight things with you, such as a toothbrush and change of under clothing.



VACCINES - Near the coastal region, vaccines for malaria are needed.  No vaccines are required for the mountainous regions of Guatemala. Some individuals opt to have their Hepatitis Vaccines, although it is not required.






Missions Frontier, Inc.  is a non-profit 501c3

Serving in Chichicastenago, Guatemala